"Basic Economics"
by Dr. Thomas Sowell

"Economics in One Lesson"
by Henry Hazlitt

"How Privatized Banking Really Works. Integrating Austrian Economics with the Infinite Banking Concept"
by Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy Ph.D.

"LEAP: Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process"
by Robert Castiglione

"Learning to Avoid Unintended Consequences"
by Leonard A. Renier

"Live Your Life Insurance: An Age Old Approach Revitalized"
by Kim D. H. Butler and Gina C. Wells

"Sudden Impact"
by Leonard A. Renier

"The Coming Generational Storm"
by Laurence Kotlikoff

"The Defining Moment"
by Leonard A. Renier

"The Family Legacy"
by Leonard A. Renier

"The Law"
by Frederic Bastiat

"The Creature from Jekyll Island"
by G. Edward Griffin

"The Pension Idea"

by Paul L. Poirot

"The Pirates of Manhattan"
by Barry J. Dyke

"The Ten Truths of Wealth Creation"
by John E. Girouard

"The Wealth Swing Coach"
by Andrew Rosenbaum

ONLY available through TRIAD Wealth Systems:

"The Economics of Life Insurance"
by S.S. Huebner
"The Pension Idea" by Paul L. Poirot

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