Create New Possibilities

Revolutionary Technology and Insights

Create New Possibilities

You can take your business and your life in almost any direction

Take the risk of not getting there, out of the picture. No matter what you want to achieve or how your goals evolve, a financial solution that can adapt to every change makes it easier to get where you’re going.

For Your Life

Life doesn’t stand still, neither should your financial strategies

To move forward, you first need to understand where you are. The Living Balance Sheet®, with insight from your financial representative, brings clarity to your financial picture.

Wealth is about more than numbers. It’s living life on your terms.

It aggregates all your financial data in one place. So you have a wide-angle view of your finances and can see how your four financial domains (Assets, Liabilities, Cash Flow and Protection) are working together.

Proper insurance protection is a powerful and adaptable solution to assist you in planning for the changes you can foresee and those unexpected life events you can’t.

Each new milestone you approach brings new goals and new financial challenges. The financial specialist you choose, using The Living Balance Sheet®, helps you anticipate these issues, evolving your financial strategies to keep up with your life. So you have the strong foundation you need to continue moving forward.

For Your Business

No two business owners are alike. There is no one definition of success.

The Living Balance Sheet® and TRIAD Wealth Systems provide a highly personal approach to helping you develop strategies, based on your specific ambitions and a deep understanding of your financial circumstances. So no matter what your goals are, you can find the best way to achieve them.

Strike the Right Balance Between Your Business and Personal Financial Goals

Your business and your life aren’t separate. The Living Balance Sheet® is a holistic financial model that gives you an integrated picture of your financial world.

Your vision for your business is unique to you. Your financial strategies should be, too.

By viewing both your personal and business balance sheets at the same time, you and your financial representative can study opportunities across all areas of your finances and develop strategies that have the most positive impact across the board.

What’s Next?

Every business owner has a different story. Some begin with an entrepreneurial vision and are actively working to expand their business. A surprising number become business owners without planning to, by inheritance or in some other fashion.
Even for people who do purchase a business or start one from scratch, ambitions change over time. The Living Balance Sheet® is a highly personal and adaptable solution that can help you create your own success story, whatever that means to you.

Building Your Business

Different stages of business development bring different challenges. Your financial representative, using The Living Balance Sheet®, can help you find the best solutions no matter where you are in the life cycle of your business. Together, you’ll address key issues that affect how well your business grows and thrives, including:

  • Insurance
  • Business continuity
  • Maximizing the use of net business income
  • Employee benefits

So you have the solid financial foundation you need to go wherever your ambition takes you.

Making a change

Maybe you’re considering a change: selling your business, passing it on, or even simply closing it. Moving forward may be easier than you think.

Your chosen financial representative can help you use The Living Balance Sheet® to test strategies and explore the financial implications of any decision you make. So you can move on to the next chapter of your life in the best possible financial position.